Dear AA Friends – Due to the success and overwhelming demand for another reunion party, we are excited to announce that exactly one year from today, on Saturday evening October 1st, 2016 – past, present and retired LegAAcy American Airlines employees from all departments in the Greater Los Angeles area will join together once again for another memorable fAAmily reunion celebration. Please mark your calendars now and save the date!

This highly anticipated reunion party will take place in the beautiful California Ballroom of the Four Points Sheraton Hotel, which is conveniently located less than one mile from LAX. The hotel offers free shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as many additional amenities.

Our previous event in 2013 at the same venue was attended by over 425 guests. That “GalAAffair” was highlighted by the appearance of our former President and CEO – Mr. Robert Crandall. Here are links to the articles that were published in the Wall Street Journal about the party: and

There will be obvious comparisons made to the previous event; our vision is to create another memorable reunion for everyone. We learned many lessons from the 2013 party. Although the event was highly successful and memorable for everyone, there were a few issues, including: parking, registration, overcrowding, food distribution and seating. These have all been addressed and we have solutions in place for the 2016 reunion party.

Between now and the end of this year, we will be working on a budget, affordable pricing options, menu selections, entertainment, programming and many other items. We would appreciate your assistance by spreading the word to your friends, co-workers and former colleagues who worked for AA at any time and in any capacity over the past 65 years in the Greater Los Angeles area. This includes: Downtown LA/WCRO/WRO Reservations Offices, LAX & Co-Terminals (SNA/LGB/ONT/BUR), Western Division Offices, Sales Offices, City Ticket Offices, SABRE/STIN, Cabin & Fleet Services, Human Resources, Cargo, M&E, Administrative Offices, Pilots & Cockpit Crew, Flight Attendants, Ramp, AA/NZ Contract, Credit Union, Skycaps and all other Los Angeles area American Airlines jobs and locations.

Early “Super Saver” reunion party registration will begin on January 1st. Our goal once again is to keep the event affordable and accessible for all our friends and guests. Group discounts are currently being negotiated for overnight accommodations at the Four Points by Sheraton Hotel.

As a reminder and for clarification, this is not an AA company function. We are an independent group of retired, past & current AA employees that have organized for the purpose of bringing old friends and co-workers together to reconnect and reminisce about “the good old days.” This reunion party and our social media sites are dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and co-worker Stephen L. Allen. Over four years ago, Steve’s vision was to organize a party and a Facebook group for all our AA friends from throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to reconnect and reminisce with each other. We will forever be grateful for his friendship, leadership, inspiration and big dream.  

Please check back here on Facebook for reunion updAAtes. We also have lots of information, photos and more on our website:

Feel free to contact the planning committee via email at:

You’re also welcome to call Bob Alexander, Planning Committee Chairman at 702-247-9600 or Carole Milligan, Vice Chairman at 818-703-7550 for more information.

We hope you have a memorable holiday season, and we look forward to seeing you at the Greater Los Angeles Area LegAAcy American Airlines Employee Reunion Party on Saturday, October 1st, 2016.

If you have any photos of yourself or coworkers on (or off) the job at AA, we would love to share them on our photo gallery.  Please scan & send your photos along with identifying information, to our email address:, or mail copies to AA LA Reunion, c/o Carole Milligan, P. O. Box 8762, Calabasas, CA 91372. We will be very happy to add your submissions to the Photo Gallery or Vintage AA pages.


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