AA LA Friends 2016

Photos from the AA WRO/LAX luncheon on 09MAR2016.

Judy Johnson and Kasey Ford
Juanita Wright and Anne Charrett
Carole Bowe and Anne-Marie Marling
Charlene Knapp Dontzig, Wanda Wimbley, Geri Skardina
Carole Milligan (green shirt), Alice Burns, Georgia Inferrara, Kathy George, Vivianne Curran, Judy Johnson, Ceci Augenius, Mattie Crayton
Carlin Schindell, LaJune Harris, Terry Harbuck, Dani Kuder, Annette Nevin
Vivianne Curran, Linda Forest
Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino, Karen Whitehead, Irene Wechsler
Georgia Dent Inferrara, Kathy George (aka Grandma Boop), Rosalind Ho
Nathalie Lester Liu, Elizabeth Amador
Terry Young, Vivianne Curran
Marylea Roth, Louise Malenofski
Earl Turner, Margaret Jeter
Charlene Knapp Dontzig, Linda Wapner
Wanda Wimbley, Geri Skardiana
Bonnie Wyant, Bill Kurka
Stephen and Madelynn Enomoto
Greg Annis, Marsha Buza
Eloise Ferguson, Kasey Ford
Rita Ford, Vicki Collins, Inge Havens-Zomber, Leilani Kimmel-Dagostino
Gwen Ribbs
Hatosha Drumgoole

If you have any photos of yourself or coworkers on (or off) the job at AA, we would love to share them on our photo gallery.  Please scan & send your photos along with identifying information, to our email address: aalareunion@yahoo.com, or mail copies to AA LA Reunion, c/o Carole Milligan, P. O. Box 8762, Calabasas, CA 91372. We will be very happy to add your submissions to the Photo Gallery or Vintage AA pages.


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