Stephen L. Allen
Robin Eastman, Karen Ford, Joyce Avriette, Linda Radke, Sonja De La Cour, Lynn Bringhurst, Cindy Merritt, Craig Nealand, Candace Cox, Sharr Coury
Trudi Devine Grayson, Ticket Agent, at LAX Coffee shop c.1973
Kathy (Firich) Johnson, LA Hilton City Ticket Office 1972
Cyrus Rowlett Smith, known throughout his life as C. R. Smith, was the CEO of American Airlines from 1934 to 1968 and from 1973 to 1974. He was also United States Secretary of Commerce for a brief period under President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Robert Lloyd "Bob" Crandall was President and Chairman of American Airlines from 1985 to 1998. Called a legend by airline industry observers, Crandall has been the subject of several books and is a member of the Hall of Honor of the Conrad Hilton College.
Hank Seitz, Mike Paoli, Pam Frey, Devi Bellows, Colleen O'Donnell, Nancy Matsui at the SNA/ONT holiday dinner 6JAN2013
LA STIN Group - Fullerton Train station - Santa Barbara Field trip with Lyle Jackson, Shirley Warren, Lyndee Harrison Boyland, Terry Amelio Becker, Wan Andrea Jones, Madelynn Enomoto, Shirley Warren and Joan Custer.
Bob Greb
Wan Jones
1998 ATO Christmas Party - Ossie Regan, Candace, Mozella & Anna
Ella Reed, Rick Lozano
Marsha Leigh, with space shuttle Endeavour at the United hanger.
Diana Chatman, Janet Dowling, Geary Douglas, Anita Detellum, Linnette Fujimoto, Jan Olson
Kirk Cross and Miguel Contreras
Dolores Simonds, Alice Burns, Brenda Bell, Ralph Richardi, Sharon Glazebrook
Araceli Serrano in front of retired AA 747 and shuttle Endeavour.
Jill Gaillard Sampson & Kathleen Firich Johnson
21SEP2012 AA employees waiting for the arrival of the Endeavour
Carmen Pugh
Rosie Hauck, Terry Bezner, David Boone, Pei Lee, Brian Merton, Ruth Hummel and Marion Anderson
Joanne Forlenza Ciminelli & Melissa Marin
Linda George, Sal Arena, Jim McAdam, Toni Sims, Rose Khan, Carrie Cain, Rosemary Patrick, name unknown, Ali

Chris Page, Gwen Neal, Sharon Glazebrook

Kasey Sievert, Kathy Vaughn, and Joan Napoli

Jim Barkmeyer, Don Kasper, Linda LaChance, Marilyn Randle

Training Class Graduation Photo @ The DFW Learning Center - June 1976
Bob Howe & Robert Crandall
Anne Murphy Charrett
Congratulations to Richard Duran & Joyce Darthard-Perkins for their 35th anniversary with American Airlines.
AA Reservations Office - Many, many years ago
Jan Heyne
Carole Milligan
Pinky Fernandez
1981 AA Softball Team "Wings & Wheels"
Chris Wright-Walsh, Rene Hadorn & Tammie Nagai
Tim Ahern
Sheila Judkins Turple
WRO Length of Service Brunch - April 1990
WRO Length of Service Brunch - April 1990
Monica Garcia
Audrey Brooks
Terry DeCarolis and Dan Buckley
Anne Moore Alvara
Judi Calhoun
Robert Crandall & Laura Woods
Michelle Beauchamp
Robert Crandall & Michael Aymard
Rose Khan
Bob Alexander and Robert Crandall
Linda Forest
Paul Haney
Alex Sanford
Sue Gilkey awarding prize for photo contest
Ralph Richardi
Connie Seals & Juanita Wright
Robert Crandall and Judi Marzullo
Jerry O'Connor
Bonnie Hicks Davis (LAX)
Hans Voorn
Audrey Brooks with Tee Smith, our beloved Skycap
Dolores Simonds, Judi Calhoun, Jan, Betty Lorme, Robert Crandall, Linnette
Roger Durling and Vince Kovalski
Anthony Barnett
Hannele Powers
Linnette Fujimoto
Gloria Wallace
MD80 Delivery @ McDonnell Douglas-Long Beach
Tom Gaitor and Sanday Day Pacheco
Janet Westad & Greg Annis
Kasey & Bob
Ed Wiliford
Dennis Kuykendall in foreground
Joan Napoli, Dolores Simonds, and Dorothy Rassiga
Gersey Talley - Ramp, Anne Seereiter-WRO, Mary Clemens- WRO/LAX, Rex Whitney - LAX SALES, Nancy Cameron - WRO/LAX
Kathy Niedersrt and Eloise Ferguson
Manon Reyes
WRO Safari Day
Bruce Mang
Nancy Pang
John Pacheco and friends
Marcia Harrison
Heino Schmidt
Terri Risdon, David Dutcher?
Nancy Anderson
Carmen Pugh, MaryAnn Stauffer
Bob Howe and his Cargo team
Yvette Goldberg
Rita Rasmussen & Bob Crandall
Diane Potter Canavan, Michelle Mastel, Mary Lyle Garcia, Irene Cadena Testino
Joanne Forlenza Ciminelli & Sherry Cherie Blackwell
Iris Ofir Wiener & Craig Wiener
Richard G. McCall & N. Joyce Crenshaw, AA Ticket Counter, Downtown Terminal, SFO 1969
Judy Downing
Connie, Jean, Wanda and Cindy at a bake sale for Audrey Morgan when she was sick
Jan Olson Douglas and Sonja Meyer Fee - April 1990
Kathy Zakaras, Shirley, Judy Ford
Daniel Solis, Ethel Collins & Marty Sims
Julie Gammell Herron & Danielle Spaulding LoScalzo
Mike Disabella & Marv Santaella
Beverly Carter & Kay Fitch
Jerry Garcia
Bob Howe, Pam McDowell, Kim James and Lillian Greer
Joe D'Ambrosio, Gloria Wallace and Robert Crandall.
Harry Grinage and Judi Calhoun
Dan Espiritu and Bechie Gamulo.
Missy Mienke and Toby Mienke
Emi Cook Santaella and Laurie French Kennedy


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