AA PARKING LOT TRAILER TRASH REUNION: Marilyn Fear Sodequest, Personnel; Cheryl Chaproniere, Credit Union Mgr; Geri Falgiano, Credit Union Rep; Sharron Underwood, Auto Shop Mntc Secretary; Karen Rigoli, Credit Union Rep; (not pictured was Donna Mongelli)
Left to right: Marilyn Fear Soderquest, Personnel; Geri Falgiano Montoya, Credit Union Rep, Cheryl Chaproniere Hail, Mgr Credit Union; Karen Rigoli, Credit Union Rep; Sharron Underwood, Secretary Auto Shop Mntc, Donna Mongelli, Admn, Payroll.
F/A baseball team, the Firebirds 1981
Colleen Brenner, Carol Kihai, unknown, Bob Crandall, Devi Bellows, Rita Ford, Betty Hunter, Judy Ward, Natasha Popovich
1980's FSD reservation class. From bottom left: D. Wright Bellows, D. Kern, D. Chisholm, B. McMillan, L. Alsheimer, J. ?, D. J. McConihay, T. Derby, G. Vreeken, G. Gregor, R. McLay, M. Gonzales, B. Menzie, H. Kuehn, B. Ackerman, J. Garcia, H. Schmidt
Verna Kay Miller, Patti Bowlin Klecka, Devi Wright Bellows, Nancy Mitsui, Kathy Carmean at 1991 BNA Managers meeting
Harry Kuehn is looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.
Diane Goodman and Ron Trudel
Jay Logan and Aida Merrill, SFO. Both started with AA at the WRO and worked in other departments of the Company. This is a photo taken on the last day Aida worked before retiring.
Flight Attendants 1953
Jan Dowling and husband; 1990 WRO Christmas Party
Rita Rasmussen, Missy Groves Mienke Plaster
Tom Gaitor, Charlene Knapp Dontzig, Dame Black, Kathy Vaughan
Beverlee & Sam Stone - 1990 WRO Christmas Party
Edee and Bob Alexander; 1990 WRO Christmas party
Tim Ahern and family; 1990 WRO Christmas party
Laura Woods and Missy Groves Mienke Plaster
Halloween 1972 Tishman Bldg. Martha Betters in far left background; Georgette Gilpin, Electa Guggiana as pregnant Girl Scout, Missy Groves Mienke Plaster as Geisha
Retired AA pilot breakfast, Camarillo 25MAR13. From left, Matt Kelch, Jerry Smith, and Don Johnson.
Retired AA pilot breakfast, Camarillo 25MAR13. From left, Warren Rathbun, Jim Cassou, Jess Lewis, Jim Kelch, Lyle Steinwell, Matt Kelch, Don Johnson, Ron Mulhern. Seated: Don Volz.
Top: L. George, G. Carver, D. Child, H. Drumgoole, J. Johnson. Next row: J. Powell, G. Ribbs, R. Ford, S. Best, G. Smith, C. Williams. At Bertha Oaxaca's funeral service March 2013.
Retirees Pilot Tom Westhaver, F/A Debbie Coryell, Pilot George Hirata
F/A LOS luncheon 1995. Top Row B. Meyers, S. Lowery, L. Loomis, P. Laske, B. White, G. Zueleuger, A. Charrett,. L. Soomboonsook, P. Tatreau, L. George, B. Hartman. Next row: R. Hillbery, J. Fox, ?,S. A. Nelson, K. Ford, J. Robbins, S. Martinez, S. Moshay
Feb. 4, 2012 Kiwi Fundraiser, "Boeing, Boeing" play, Palos Verdes
AA LAX Reunion 2008, LAX Hilton
Merry DePew - 1971 PSR In LAX, Ticket Agent, Gate Agent, FSD, PSM and Control Agent before going to Reno, then Nashville. Fun times.


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