AA31 6FEB1991. Captain Dennis Westergaard's last flight before retirement. F/A's D. Meinhold, J. Avriette, O. Origal-Kosmal, P. Figlio, B. Hambrick, N. Leach, L. Bothwell-Tracey, J. Collins
March 2, 1970 - AA's 747 Inaugural flight with Thom Nulty as Flight Service Director
Thom Nulty and Friends
LAX Baggage Service early 1979. From left, Bruce Mang, Mark Barone, Nancy Gregory Cohen, ?, Betty Armstrong
AA inaugural flight LAXHNL 17DEC1980. Gate agents got to wear Hawaiian shirts. From left, Charlene Westergaard, Chuck Waldee, Judy Westmoreland, and FSD Geoff Gregor.
80th AA F/A anniversary celebration. From left, Anne Elwell, Kate Chavez, Michelle Soto de Carvalho, Marilly Tully, P.J. Arnone, Linda Corvan, Keely Smith.
F/A class April 1970-too many to fit on the stairs.
LOS dinner 1986 at the Proud Bird restaurant. From left, Kathleen Macleay, Patti McGee, Sheri Salgado, Marilyn Cairns, Nancy Brainard, Mary Schultz, Sandy Orchard.
Sal Arena, Gene Servello at the AA luncheon June 12 2013.
Marie D'Antonio and Dee Dee Cresci, at the AA luncheon June 12 2013.
Audrey Brooks, Juanita Wright, Anne Charrett at the AA luncheon June 12 2013.
John, the tram driver.
Team Ex-LAX(retirees from LAX Cargo) 14JUN2013 at a charity bowling tournament to benefit the American Cancer Society. In front, Ron Lo; back row from left, Nancy D'Amore, Sheila Turple, Carole Milligan, and Tracey Ells O'Banion.
DC-10 Flight Engineer Paul Newman, and Bertha Oaxaca
20 Year LOS for Susan Rafer. From left, Karen Watson-Ford, Janelle Lapworth, ?, ?, Susan Rafer, Dorothy Taylor, Bertha Oaxaca, Eleanor Bell, Adele Gault
AA Flight Attendants: top row from left, Anita Taylor, Judy Wiggins. Bottom row from left, Anna Hart, Barbara Black
Karen Rigoli & Geri Falgiano Montoya - LAX Credit Union Reps, Cheryl Chaproniere Hail - LAX Credit Union Mgr. Sometime in the 70's when the office was located in the AA Parking Lot Trailer
Geri Falgiano Montoya - LAX Credit Union Rep
Cheryl Chaproniere Hail - LAX Credit Union Manager. Check out Cheryl's typewriter!
Karen Rigoli - LAX Credit Union Rep. Karen had the up to date newer typewriter plus a crank up adding machine


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