Ticket Lift party, early 1980's, at Nancy Cohn's house.  Barbara Bianchetto, Bernie DeSena, Jean Leighton, Kasey Ford, Bill Ladd, Dani Allman, Bill Charrett, Anne Charrett, Jerry Brown, Art Torno, Charlene Westergaard, Nancy Cohn, Jeannette Martinez Maire

Al Ferrari.  He began his career with AA in 1948, and retired in 1980.  During his AA career,  he worked as an Auditor for AOA, Senior Auditor, Regional Manager Budgets and Costs Western Division, Los Angeles Controller, Manager-Cargo Sales and Service Los Angeles, Plant Controller in Tulsa, City Manager LAX, and President/CEO of Skychefs

From left, Captain Denny Westergaard and wife Charlene; Helene Coull and husband Captain Glenn Coull

Managers of Pilot Administration, Tracy Johnson and Corey Crickmore

Retired F/A's Nancy Lewis and Jan Van Auken

1980's LAX Crew Schedulers, from left: Gene Hoffman, Bill Nims, Dennis Nyhoff, Harry Sophos, Al Hutchings, Bob Klocek, with Captain Bob McKinney checking in for his flight.

Late 1990's LAX Flight Administration.

Top row from left: Janet Dabirnia, Captain Roy Seymour, Lisa Gustaferro, Captain Jim Keller, Captain Len Duncan, Charlie Hall, and summer intern Kevin Kelly (son of Captain Mike Kelly).

Seated, from left: Monique Morelion, Lisa Rubidoux, Miriama Manua Brown, and Jaren Whitsitt.

Left to right: Mitzi Meek (first AA F/A to retire) Captain Don Duncan,                Captain George Mitchell, Georgia Dent Inferrara.

Top photo: Denise and Rick Bottome, Bottom Photo: Peggy Sullivan

Top to bottom: Susie Seitz, Sharon Loso, Mary McCloskey, Karen Lamé,                 Joyce Avriette, Nancy Collins, Margaret Hughes

Dee Debendenner Larson and Connie Ross

Captain Herman "Sam" Samuels (front row second in from right) at 2011 Aviation Transportation Expo - DFW, Hangar 2

Last DC-10 Flight Crew 2000: Top Row - Candace Cox, Donna Delorme, Cindie Merritt, Craig Nealand, Char Khoury, Middle Row - DFW Check Airman, Flip Keck, Karen Watson Ford, Jan Shagam, Joyce Avriette, Linda Radke, Sonja De La Cour, Bottom Row - Lynn Bringhurst, Glenn Coull, Paul Neuman, Ron Statum, Bill Fota.

LOS Dinner Queen Mary 1990: Top Row: Betsy Carey, Suzanne Sako, Joe Charest, Sherry McDaniel, Carilyn Agrisoni, Bonnie Corneilson, Dejan Green, Diane Eck, Carole Stevenson, Bottom Row: Dotti Child, Pam Barrett, Joann Prendergast, Nathalie Richardson, Barbara Voyt.

Brenda Jacobson, Wings Coordinator for LAX Flight Attendants

Captain Harry Fuqua

Captain Jim Keller

Purser or First Flight Attendant Meeting, Santa Monica Airport 2010

1995 Length Of Service Dinner at Queen Mary - Top row: Joanne Jamulla, Devi Bellows, Janie Collins, Ellie Strickland, Janet Mattraw, Sue Roen, Carol Preletz, Pat James, Liz O'Brien, Diana King, Pat Delameter, Pat Freeman Mack, Suzy Reegler, Jane Golay. Bottom row: Jean Goodbow, Bertha Oaxaca, Carol Walters, Nancy Lewis, Toppy Klecker-Mitchell, Demi Kennedy, Oliva Origal-Kosmal, Joannie Halls, Dee Lewis, Jean Judy.   


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