1987 10 year anniversary dinner LAX
1987 10 year anniversary dinner LAX
LGB ATO top row:Mary Sue Brubaker, Denise Hanson, Susan Gearon, ? Snoa, Mike Ziegler, Dana Hanson, ?; front row: Dani Kuder, ?, Penny Glidden, Jim Overbeek, Susie Ahern, Cathy Kostallas, Tricia Fitzgerald Grawburg
Denise and Dana Hanson, LGB ATO
April 1977 Reservation Class Graduation
Al Ferrari and Friends

Al Ferrari began his career with AA in 1948, and retired in 1980.  During his distinguished career with American Airlines, he worked as an Auditor for AOA, Senior Auditor, Regional Manager Budgets and Costs Western Division, Los Angeles Controller, Manager-Cargo Sales and Service Los Angeles, Plant Controller in Tulsa, City Manager LAX, and President/CEO of Skychefs

Joanne Kohli Trainer from LAX Admirals Club and Santa (Ron Mann)
Reservation Sales Agents of the Year 1971 @ Downtown L.A. Tishman Bldg - James McCarthy, Blake Schultz, Adele Gonzales, Ed Stradling, Barb Defay.
Flight Attendant Tina Anderson modeling the new uniform - 1968.

Flagship News - September 1981

Submitted by Bill Bennett: This is our graduation photo from June of 1976 taken at the Learning Center when we were all going to work at Phoenix Reservations. In a few months everybody would be offered a full or part-time job at the WCRO in Los Angeles. It was to be just a summer job for me but I left my studies at ASU and didn't return to college and get my degree until 1985! I worked in the WCRO when it opened in 1976 until I transferred back to PHX ATO in Sept 1979. I am in my 3-piece suit on the top right, Carla Herron Silva is 3rd from the bottom right, Barb Gardner who later went to work for CO in DEN is just below her, Kathy Bresin is 4th from top on the left, and John Gaines is 2nd from the top on the left! I also worked at PHX ATO, SFO ATO/TL/BS. Those were all wonderful fun times growing up with the best people and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Kathleen Firich-Johnson & Cal Hall, Instructor at LAXA
Kathleen Firich-Johnson & Jack Anderson at Passenger Sales Meeting in San Diego 1984.
Kathleen Firich-Johnson, Pat Anderson, Duane Plummer and Mary Miller - CTO Christmas Party 1975 at Queen Mary, Long Beach
Marketing Automation - 3rd Class. Bill Stephen, Jackie Porter and Kathleen Johnson. We were celebrating that we made it through all the parties and charades at the Learning Center 1977.
Kathleen Firich-Johnson's Service Award Pins & Charms.
Kathleen Firich-Johnson & Shirley Mahoney - my beloved Kiwi in Los Angeles Sales. What a beautiful lady and I miss her. This photo was taken on a FAM trip to NYC with Paramount Studios.
Gordy Dahl - LAXS (& Bob Howe in the background) - Party at Pat Anderson's house, 6-30-02
Jack Keady and Pat Anderson - Party at Patty's house, 6-30-02
Louise Robinette Wright - LAXS Party at Pat Anderson's house, 6-30-02
Karen Kenny Nulty & Thom Nulty - LAXS Party at Pat Anderson's house, 6-30-02
Kathleen Firich Johnson with Peggy Wilkinson at the Sheraton Universal Hotel - Passenger Sales Function 1976
Kathleen Firich Johnson & Mary Miller, 1971. Mary was a beautiful and lady and I had the pleasure of continuing to be her friend in Dallas until she passed away.
September 25, 1978 - WCRO Reservations Training Class Graduation Day


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