Clockwise (from the bottom): Howard Seflin, Debra Langaigne, Shirley Warren, Roberta Suied-Buglelsli & Debbie Graves Joseph.
Cheryl Radichio Hail dancing with Al Ferrari at an American Airlines function in 1979.
Adele Gonzales at "Sea World" San Diego, July 1975 - We used to show our AA ID and get in free!
Pasadena CTO 1983 - Paula Scannell Williams & Adele Gonzales
LAX Ticket Lift agent, Glenna Duffy Carver, 2009
Captain Walter and Carol Shaffer plus two furry friends.
Flight Service group and friends at Disneyland in 1995 - Pictured: Paul Rosenkranz, Lisa Daly, Terry Harbuck, Mickey Mouse, Michele Duke, and Colleen O'Donnell.  Back row - Cindy Earp and Mike Hermsen with Minnie Mouse.
Captain Wes and Judy Westmoreland with "Teddy" and "Jamie" Christmas 1999

Los Angeles Kiwi Chapter luncheon April 2010 at Odyssey Restaurant in Granada
Hills, CA - Pictured: Dee Lewis, Rosemary Koljan, Mitzie Meek, Sarah Devine, Lona Poehlman, Gini Keeling, Darlene Besocke, Marilyn Wing, Liz O'Brien, Joy Johnson, Dee Grinnell, Carol Burklund, Carol Preletz, Arden Orlando, Anne Charrett, Mary Williams, Mary Lu Keyser and Carol Whitney. Below front: Marcia Fernandes, Polly Goodman, Jan Mosaret, and Jaci Dillon.  

DC10 Captain Ralph Sireck's last flight with crew: Pictured left to right: Mary White, Pat Glassett, Craig Nealand, Sherry McDaniel, Sandy Pagden-Gribaudo, Lil Larsen, Bonnie Pulscamp, Sandy Orchard, and Nora Inazuka. Pictured in front: Joyce Avriette, Bobbie Gulbrandson, Captain Ralph Sireck, Sonja De La Cour, and Patti Miller.

Jennine M. Kurth - beloved AA friend, passed July 2011.

1990 Kiwi Convention in San Francisco - Lynn Hamilton, Charlotte Marz, Polly Goodman, Ardon Orlando, Marian Zurier, Carol Bochis, Marilyn Costigan, and Melody Dolan - 2nd row: Bobbie Gulbrandson, Mary White, Marcia Fernandes, Helen Milligan, Dee Grinnell, Winnie Dignam, and Jan Jennings - 3rd row: Yvonne Jackman, Carol Burklund, Kay Jennings, Lona Larsen Poehlman, Ann Delaney, and Betty Shea

6th & Grand Downtown LA CTO - August 1977, Submitted by Adele Gonzales: I wish I could remember the first pretty lady, but cannot. So, left to right: Unknown, Edith Nix (Supvr.) Linda Cooper Reyes, Mary Miller, & Adele Gonzales
Pasadena CTO - Audrey Headcock & Adele Gonzales - December 1990
20 year Reunion of " March 1969 Reservation Classes" Taken April 1989 at "Hamburger Hamlet"  615 S. Flower Downtown LA. Please help fill in the missing names. Top Row:  ?,  Marsha ?,  Pat Anderson, Doris Junis, Debbie Beck, Shelly ?, Connie Rossi,  ?,  Marian Merritt, ?,  ?,  Kathy Schoor, and Annette Dragotto Nevin. Second Row Down: Nita Bellagoni Jager, James Disnuke, James Palone, Martha Betters,  and Carol Hensley Nelson. Third Row Down:  ?,  Judy ?,  Adele Gonzales, Lynne Morgan, and ?. Center: Geveva Johnson


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