Photos sent in by former Stewardess Mary Shannon Niemann

F/A "Debrief" Celebration in Thousand Oaks, CA - August 22, 2013.  Pictured at top: Susan Zygband, Hiedi Wondra, Jeri Pinnell, Pam Peirano, Liz O'Brien, Karie Tenny, Kathy O'Riley, Clara Coleman, Linda Cowan, Sharon Taylor, Christina Brown, Linda Galtress, Shelly Slaten, Jaleah Brown, Pat McGinnis, Vicki Lovensen, Marlene Hallack, Lisa Loughlin, Marsha Ferrall, Jan Neville-Taylore, Anita Vacarro, Susan Shephard Howell, Sharon McCarthy, Christina Johnson, Margo Banick, Mike Pike, Maria Dominquez-Zeike, Susan Best, Karen Gusikoff, Candice Feruce, Marnie Mantey, Brenda Arthur, and Wendy Goldman. Center: Annie Hudson-Daniels, Dale Luna, Debbie Pentz, Lori Andrews, Jill Wishman , Elliott Miller, Kat Clements, Teri Hogan, Marilyn Wing, Pam Bedard, Sue Ann Nelson, Suzi Nelson, Carole Hunter, Janice Gorham, Tracy Marsh, Patti Gonzales,  Julie Grover, and Tami Forest. Center front:  Carola Schroeder Delong, Linda Abbott (Hostess), Bertie Farrell-Rudy, Sandy Moshay, Barbara White, and Debbie Coryell. 

Burbank Airport CTO - Feb '82 "Cowboy Week"  Priscilla Klein, and Adele Gonzales.   I don't know how many other airports had this, but this CTO was right in the terminal.  The airport ticket counter posted a sign, advising passengers wanting advance ticketing, to proceed to the CTO ticket counter by the gates.  

Ruth Hummel
Karran Rouzan on the job at the 6th Street & Grand Avenue CTO in Downtown L.A., 1997
December 1996
Tom Gaitor & Mattie Crayton at the WRO, approximately 1985
 Gail Horton, Virginia Clarke, Lillian Greer & Mattie Crayton @ LA Sales Office - February, 1997
AA inaugural flight LAXHNL, 17DEC1980. Gate agents got to wear Hawaiian shirts. From left, Charlene Westergaard, Chuck Waldee, Judy Westmoreland, and Geoff Gregor, FSD on the flight.
Thom Nulty at LAX-HNL Inaugural Flight Ceremonies. The shirts were special material that had AA logos, 747's & DC-10's.
Linda Landau
Denise & Dana Hanson
Brad Buck
LGB ATO-top row Mary Sue Brubaker, Denise Hanson, Susan Gearon, ? Snoa, Mike Ziegler, Dana Hanson, ?(worked Air Serv.) Front row-Dani Kuder, ?, Penny Glidden, Jim Overbeek, Susie Ahern, Cathy Kostallas, Tricia Fitzgerald Grawburg
Sometime in the early 70's - This was AA's first attempt at service to Hawaii and the South Pacific. We had non-stops from STL and JFK to HNL and then down to Fiji, American Samoa and Sydney.
Reverend Gary Zerr in his pre-clergy days as an agent at the WRO.
LAX Flight Service Managers (1995): Michele Duke, Colleen O'Donnell, Dee Lewis, Cindy Uhl Earp, Pat James, Rosemary Hillberg, Bertha Oaxaca, Anne Charrett, Lisa Daly, and Kathy Boland.
Flight Attendant Graduation Class - January 1972
Los Angeles Aids Walk 1995: Anne Charrett, Bree Gunderson, Steve Stein, Sharon Stein, Shalini Thadhani, Dennis Estes, Stephanie Gunderson, Mario Mitchell ,Carole Monroe, Lori Ageno, Denise Weeks, Nora Inazuka, and Bill Charrett.


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