From Nancy Baker, a stewardess recruiting brochure featuring Nancy.

Movie star Rosalind Russell in a publicity photo

640 acres purchased from a Westchester farmer in 1928 became Mines Field, opened in 1930.  In 1941 the name was changed to Los Angeles Airport; in 1949 the name was again changed to Los Angeles International Airport.

1940's, Grand Central Air Terminal, Glendale CA

This is the letter that came with the AA record below. One side of the record is the original "We're American Airlines Doing What We Do Best" full jingle. The other side of the record is a message from Bob Crandall introducing the new AA advertising campaign which premiered on March 17, 1975. In the message Mr. Crandall says that the heart of AA is the people who work for the company. That's why in all the commercials there are real employees not actors and that we have to keep "doing what we do best".

American Way March/April 1981 Flight Attendant edition. Tom del Valle on the left. For the purpose of the photo, did you notice how the AA logo is showing on the engine instead of where it belongs, higher up on the tail?
LAX Cargo 1969, photo courtesy of Albert Ferrari, then Cargo Manager.
3D poster that was at the WRO during the eighties - featuring an AA 747, 767, and 727.
AA Convair 440
Early 1950's F/A's on DC-4 stairway
AA Condor with crew
American Airlines Stewardess College opened 1957
Original four AA flight attendants, who graduated 3May1933 after 3 days of training.
AA Flights 1 and 2 from the 1DEC1933 timetable
American Airlines Stewardesses showing off their new uniforms in 1968 at the Biltmore Hotel


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