Reunion 2016 Photos 1

Joanne Forlenza Ciminelli, Bob Ciminelli, Marilyn Garcia

Harry Grinage, Tracey Ells, Hans Voorn

Tracey Ells, Bob Howe, Wendy Swanson

Brenda Bryant-Yound, Dee Dee Cresci

Pattie Avalos Ruiz, Cindy Pagan Lang

Elizabeth Amador, Sal Arena

Nancy Anderson, Hans Voorn and Nathalie Lester Liu

Nathalie Lester Liu and Dani Kuder

Irene Wechsler and Bill Kurka

Linda Moseley Carey, Vicki Collins and Bob Alexander

Nathalie Lester Liu, Lillian Greer and Regina Gonzalez

Nathalie Lester Liu, Tracey Ells O'Banion

From Georgia Dent Inferrera:

So thrilled with this, I wanted to share with everyone!!
If you were at the Reunion on Oct. 1, you may have heard my name was the second one called for a door prize! I had a choice of 3 prizes and chose the beautiful framed picture of an AA DC3!
I was thrilled because my Dad started flying for AA in 1944 on the DC3! When I got home and looked closer at the picture, I saw it was the Flagship Tulsa! I looked on Google for the aircraft number. Found out the number was NC18141!
Looked through my Dad's log books and saw he flew Flagship Tulsa on December 2, 1946 & December 18, 1946!!!
So now I have a framed picture of a DC3 that my Dad flew for AA!!
I am so thrilled my name was drawn!!
Thanks again for a GREAT Reunion and donation of a GREAT photo that now has significant meaning to me!!
I wish my Dad were here to see this!!
He retired as Captain on the B707 in 1975 and passed away in 1980!

Here is a photo of me holding the picture and my Dad's log book showing NC18141 on Dec. 2 & 18! Notice it took 4:22 hrs to fly from BUR to ELP and 4:11 hrs from LAX to ELP!

Bob and Carole Milligan

Don Herbert and JoAnne Gonzalez. Our thanks and appreciation to Don Herbert for providing door prizes!

Philip and JoAnne Gonzalez in foreground, Bill Burnette and Regina Gonzalez in background.

Terry Harbuck, Annette Nevin, Kristie Elzinga and Jo Ann Arvizu

Sharon Caron, Linda Moseley Carey, Jo Ann Arvizu and Cathy Schorr

Irene Wechsler, JoAnne Gonzalez and Elizabeth Amador

Lillian Greer and JoAnne Gonzalez

Judy Ford and Dallan Greene

Sharon O'Boyle, winner of the 50/50 raffle, next to Reunion Co-Chair Bob Alexander. Dan Keller, program emcee, in the right background. Congratulations, Sharon!

Jill Gaillard Sampson, Howard Seflin, Shirley Warren and Lyndee Harrison Boyland

Marilyn Fear Soderquist, Vicki Collilns, Bonnie Wyant and Georgia Dent Inferrera

Karen Kenny Nulty and Ossie Regan

Ossie Regan and Damé Black

Dallen Greene, Damé Black, Kathy Vaughn and Lani Klingsoehr

Lorraine Brown Hopson, Elizabeth Amador and Ceci Augenius

Juanita Wright, JoAnne Gonzalez and Audrey Brooks

Sheila Turple and Gary Zerr

Eloise Ferguson, Linda Carey and Cheryl Chubb Buck

Karen Minard Whitehead and Liza Sergeyevsky Ball


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