Vintage AA Commercials

Here's a You Tube link to some vintage AA commercials - click here.

"We're American Airlines - Doing What We Do Best" (1981) - click here.

"The One Minute Vacation" (Early 1970's) - click here.

AA introduces the DC-10 (1971) - click here.

Who do you recognize in this commercial? (1989) - click here.

Chet Huntley introducing the luxury fleet (1972) - click here.

"Something Special to Europe" - click here.

AA Commercial featuring the 747 Coach Lounge - click here.

AA "Thank You to the Military" Commercial - click here.

"The On-Time Machine" Commercial (1988) - click here.

New York City's "Bridge to the World" (1998) - click here.

"When You're Something Special, People Know It" (1986) - click here.

"Silverbird - Sunshine & Blue Seas" (1991-92) - click here.

"DFW - Based Here, Best Here" (1988) - click here.

"Airport Activities - LAX Educational Film" (1952) - click here.

"AA Douglas DC-7 Mercury JFK-LAX" (1950's) - click here.

American Overseas Airways - Boeing 377 "Stratocruiser" (1950) - click here.

AA Convair CV-240 featuring Jane Wyman (1950) - click here.

Airplane Travel in the 1960"s - AA Astrojet & JFK Airport - click here.

American Airlines "To The Good Life" (Early 1970's) - click here.

American Airlines Introduces Astrovision (1960's) - click here.

American Airlines Promotional Film (Mid 1970's) - click here.

AA Boeing 707-123B Royal Coachman (1967) - click here.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Retrospective - click here.

American Airlines - Fly The American Way (1968) - click here.

Fly The American Way! (Capt. Chick Evans) - click here.

American Airlines "Thank You to our Troops" - click here.

American Airlines Introduces "Americana" Service (1969) - click here.

"Something Special In The Air" (1992) - click here.

"I Believe in American" (2012) - click here.

"American Airlines - Dream of Flight" - click here.

"American Airlines - Through The Years" - click here.

"Doing What We Do Best" Jingle Announcment by Mr. C - click here.


A Bonus - Best Clips From the Movie "Airplane" (1980) - click here.



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