2016 Reunion Planning Committee Members


Bob Alexander (Chairman), Anthony Barnett, Lyndee Boyland, Audrey Brooks, Anne Charrett, Madelynn Enomoto, Bob Howe, Carole Milligan (Vice Chair), Jill Sampson, Shirley Warren and Juanita Wright.

2013 Reunion Planning Committee and Volunteers

Final Planning Committee Meeting - Saturday Afternoon, October 5th:

Anne Charrett, Audrey Brooks, Sheila Turple, Carole Milligan,

Bob Howe, Madelynn Enomoto, Shirley Warren, Bob Kilian,

Jill Sampson, Lyndee Boyland & Bob Alexander.

Reunion Planning Committee Meeting - Saturday, August 24, 2013:

Bob Howe, Anne Charrett, Carole Milligan, Sheila Turple,

Bob Alexander, Shirley Warren & Madelynn Enomoto.

Planning Committee Meeting - Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Bob Kilian, Audrey Brooks, Carole Milligan, Madelynn Enomoto, Anne Charrett, Bob Alexander & Sheila Turple.  

Committe Members not in this photo include: Jill Gaillard Sampson,  Lyndee Harrison Boyland, Shirley Warren, Iris Ofir Wiener & Bob Howe.  

This reunion is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and co-worker Stephen L. Allen.  In advance of gathering our reunion planning committee, Steve planted the seeds for these events by organizing a Facebook group for all our AA friends from throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to reconnect and reminisce with each other via social media.  We will forever be greatful for his friendship, leadership, inspiration and a big dream.  

The members of your Reunion Planning Committee wish to thAAnk all the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy into making the 2013 reunion party and picnic such a huge success.  In no particular order, the list of volunteers include:

Edee Alexander, Nancy Kilian, Bob Milligan, Bill Charrett, Dave Turple (Spouses of Planning Committee & Big Helpers in Many Areas)

Cherie Blackwell (Stage Manger)

Thom Nulty (Master of Ceremonies)

Fred Ashman & Jock Bethune (American Airlines Videos)

Leilani Kimmel Dagostino (L.A. County Proclamation for Mr. Crandall)

Ramona Wilder (VIP Table Decorations)

Ed Stradling (Green Room Security)

Pei Lee (Name Tags)

Missy Meinke (50-50 Raffle)

Jack Schober, Annette Nevin, Terry Harbuck, Dani Kuder, Dee Lewis, Polly Goodman, Lona Poehlman,Juanita Wright (Party Registration) 

Melanie Jarvi, Jim Harbuck, Linda & Dale Dereign, Sheridan Enomoto, Aaron Ware, Tifani Gordon, Miya Wimbley (General Party & Picnic Volunteers)

 Anthony Barnett, Denise Barnett, Chechena Barnett (Memorabilia Table)

Peggy Willis Wright & Brandi Willis (Picnic Registration)

Tracey Ells, Renee Yancy, Pat Williams, Bill Allen, Billy Plaster (Picnic Setup & Cleanup)

Ruth & Mitch Lane (Memorabilia, Photo Montage & Picnic)

Holly Feinstein (Registration)

Michael Blake & Leon Gamble (Escort Security)

Glinda & Ben Shipley (Formal Photographers)

Shon Smith (Formal Photography)

 And ThAAnks to all other reunion volunteers not listed here.



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